Etna excursions: Etna north

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This trip lasts about 6-7 hours

Volcano Etna, near Piano Provenzana. Photo: Fabrizio Raneri After crossing a few typical villages such as Linguaglossa, you will enjoy the varied views of the volcano and its unusually contrasting landscapes. As soon as you reach the North side of the volcano, (1800 mts) you will have the possibility to board all-terrain vehicles with an extra charge.
They will take you to the foot of the North mouth, one of the most active craters of Mount Etna.
Lunch is optional.


The name Linguaglossa derives from the ancient term Linguagrossa referring to a grossa lingua di lava (a big tongue of lava) the name was later distorted accidentally.
This is a reference perhaps to its vulnerable red hot position on the slopes of Etna down which incandescent lava has flowed perilously on several occasions.


The most famous of most recent eruptions took place in 1669 when a cleft opened from the crater right down to Nicolosi and out poured a river of lava that spread over a kilometre into the Ionian sea, devastating everything in its path and killing 20.000 people.

In the 18th and 19th century have been recorded about 30 other eruptions. In May 1923, a terrible fracture out poured lava almost until the town of Linguaglossa.
On November 1928, during the most deadly eruption of the century, two cascades of fire shot up from a deep cleft in the mountain and destroyed the town of Mascali,and also interrupted the railway from Catania to Messina.

Reservation: Book now Etna excursions: Etna north Book now!


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